December Photography – My Garden is a Cold Winter Wonderland

5 January 2021Rebecca Bradley

It feels weird to say goodbye to a year where we stayed at home for most of it. But here we are, saying goodbye to 2020. Part of me hoped that when the clock struck midnight on 31 December the world would feel back to normal. But it didn’t and we go into 2021 with another stay-at-home order.

I have always made new year resolutions. Not huge lifechanging ones, but smaller ones. I know we shouldn’t force ourselves to ‘change’ just because another moon cycle is complete. But I can’t help but feel more motivation on the first day of a new year and the want for doing something different. I always work best when I have a deadline in mind. So I’ve been looking at some things to achieve and marking them with the dates to finish them by. Who knows if I will stick with that but I needed some grounding!

2020 was full of spending time at home, working at home, being sad at home and sometimes being happy at home. I am glad that I’m feeling that new year adrenaline rush. Looking at the new and wanting to explore and do more things with my time in 2021. Even if that time is going to be at home for the first part. I will read more books and take more photos. I also hope to learn the things I’ve wanted to learn and also invest more time into my hobbies.

It is only the beginning of the year. And with things still the same and being at home, I don’t want to force myself into something big. I’ve decided that in January I would like to do more bird watching and take more photos of birds. It’s something I can do from my home window. And it’ll put a smile on my face.

But that is looking into 2021, let’s look back into December 2020. It was another slow month for me. The burnout from working and feeling exhausted all the time was taking its toll. But my inspiration for the month has come from the seasonable weather – snow! We don’t often get much snow in Glasgow. But in December we got snow – several times! I love taking photos of snow. It adds that extra flourish of beauty and magic to a mundane scene. My garden has never looked quite so beautiful. I’ve been taking photos of the plants, the trees, and my favourite neighbour Misty Blue (a kitty cat).

I managed three photo sessions for the month. That may not seem like a lot but with the year we’ve had, it is a lot to me. It’s good progress! I will be taking my camera into 2021 with the hope of taking photos of birds for January. I also hope a small goal to reach each month with photography will keep my creativity in check.

I hope 2021 is a better year for us all and a better year for nature too. I hope that we will get ‘back to normal’, whatever that may look like. I hope we all rekindle with things we may have forgotten about, only to rediscover them in our homes. I hope that people will become less selfish and be more helpful to others. And I hope we all find new things that make us smile and make us happy. As much as I agree with feeling and showing our sadness, I’ve had enough of being down all the time!

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