Jan-March Photography Recap – An Exciting Escape With Birds And Welcoming Snow

12 April 2021Rebecca Bradley

My plan was to write an update every month on my photography, what I’m taking photos of and what I’m learning. This hasn’t gone to plan! This year hasn’t been the kindest to me. Well, it hasn’t been the kindest to us all, has it? I watched as my creativity left me as work was more demanding and was taking up all my time.

I work as a full-time Communications Officer for a charity. I haven’t stopped working through the whole pandemic. My workload doubled as the pandemic began to affect people in more ways than one. My work became a source of daily continuous support. Even though I was managing okay, this all tumbled down mid-March. Sometimes you do need to understand that your body needs a rest and accept it.

I won’t go into too many details but it was exhausting. The exhaustion became insomnia, which led to my anxiety getting worse. This then became depression and my days became one and I began to feel like I wasn’t achieving anything. And then because I had that feeling, I would get angry at myself and feel I was failing at every single thing. When you are down a hole and can’t leave the space you’ve made for yourself, you don’t have any strength to do anything. But I am thankful that I have my family and friends (and a helpful doctor) and I’m getting back on my feet.

Okay, getting all that out of the way, back to photography! So what has my inspiration been for the last three months? Well, it’s been two things. Snow and birds! Yes, as Scotland plummeted into another lockdown at the end of 2020, we were all feeling like we wanted to give up. It was one of the worst announcements and all hope that we had was gone. But here in Scotland, we got to enjoy a beautiful sight – snow! So much snow, the deepest snow Glasgow has seen in a long time. The snow brought so much inspiration and creativity to me in January and February. I love games like Skyrim and World of Warcraft. Winter zones like Winterspring or Winterhold are my favourite. I sit my character there for hours and enjoy the perfect peacefulness and fantasy world. You have no idea how overwhelmed I was to bring that game mood into real life.


I don’t think many of us can say good things have come from lockdown but I have one that I’m grateful for. My new hobby of birdwatching. I have always watched birds and enjoy hearing them sing but I never went out of my way to photograph them. But now every day I am looking out the window waiting on my flying friends to come into the garden. I’ve also started going around my local lochs with a bag of birdseed waiting for them to come down! Yes, I am now a person who carries a bag of birdseed in my pocket.

There’s nothing quite like it. Graham and I sit for hours now on a bench at the lochs and watch as birds zoom by. Some getting curious and coming closer, others waiting a bit longer in the trees until making their way down. It’s amazing. My Instagram feed has now become full of birds and squirrels why I love. I never saw this kind of photography appealing to me before, but I love it and will continue to keep taking photos of all the little birds that I meet.

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