April Photography Recap – Restarting My Adventures and Finding My Photography Style

12 May 2021Rebecca Bradley

When you think things are getting better, you’re always going to get knocked down, aren’t you? That’s what life is doing for me right now. No matter how hard I try to feel better, another hurdle comes along my path that I need to clamber over. After feeling a burst of creativity towards the end of March, I enjoyed that creative train for a while. They lifted the lockdown restrictions in Scotland. As soon as the travel restrictions were gone, I was out the door in a flash. But my mental health has taken a dip again. More personal things have happened that has led me away from the path I was helplessly following.

I’m not very sure how it’ll be for me in my next monthly update, but fingers crossed that things aren’t so stressful for me. Someone recently told me that you need to look at hurdles in life as little challenges. Another little challenge that you can get through. It’s difficult to train yourself into that mindset, especially when unexpected things happen. But I guess it doesn’t do well to dwell on things out of your control. You just need to keep going.

Now, let’s get onto photography.

As I said, they lifted the travel restrictions and I’ve definitely taken advantage of that. The first-weekend adventure saw us in Glencoe Lochan. Travelling through Glencoe again unleashed the happiness I’d locked away in my head. The mountains, the red deer, that feeling you get being in nature where you can’t explain it but know that it’s happiness. Before they lifted the restrictions, I was taking photos of more of the wildlife that ventured into the garden. So although I wasn’t down a creative hole with my photography, I still enjoyed that new taste of photographing something that wasn’t my garden!

I finally feel I’m developing my photography style and seeing it in a way where I’m excited and happy with the end results. I can see my style with nature and wildlife, dark tones and moody highlights. I wouldn’t say that’s its final form, but I can see it developing!

My other adventures in April saw me go to Loch Morar, Kilchurn Castle and Glenfinnan Viaduct. Oh, and did I mention I had the Glenfinnan Viaduct all to myself? Yes, that really happened! I’m so used to the viaduct having crowds of people, all together dressed up in their cloaks and holding their wands waiting for the Jacobite Express to go over and bring the Wizarding World to life. But as the restriction lift was only for residents in Scotland, the viaduct wasn’t on people’s to-do list! I sat on the hillside with my fiancé and drank in the beauty of the viaduct. Self-fulfilling my own Wizarding World needs and having a silly smile on my face the whole time. As it was still April, the mountains and grass were very yellow, not the lush green I’m so used to. But it was perfect and as I wasn’t short on time and had the place to myself. I was able to take more pictures of the viaduct from different compositions. Something I’ll never be able to recreate so I cherish it!

Taking a trip into my wildlife photography, I managed to take photos of birds, deer and some highland cows. Not to mention my favourite little garden visitor – the grey squirrel. As I mentioned before, I’m finding myself becoming more and more of a wildlife photographer. I have the birdseed in my pocket now wherever I go. I’m crouching behind bushes, edging out of trees, trying to be oh so careful opening the living room window to reach out and get some photos of the birds before they fly off. It’s wonderful. It’s something I never saw myself do, but I love this creative outlet that I’ve found.

My favourite memory for April was my visit to Kilchurn Castle. I’ve been before and taken some photos, but this time I decided to go a little bit further and go closer to the castle grounds. As Graham and I were wandering along, we came across a herd of highland cows. Beautiful, amazing ginger animals with the best emo fringes in town. As I was trying to take some photos of Dippers next to the castle grounds, a couple walked by and mentioned that an Osprey will feed between 5pm and 6pm and we should watch out for it. Little did we know the huge bird that flew over before with the wingspan with brown markings was the Osprey – so we did see it! We ended up talking more to the couple who told us the highland cows all had names (one is Henry!) and it was then I realised that these people were the owners. They talked about the sheep they owned and that they owned the land around Kilchurn Castle. I thanked them for letting me come and see their little piece of paradise and how beautiful it is. (And to let them know how jealous I am!)

April has come with its ups and downs, the struggles, the smiles, the days where you can’t get out of bed, to the days where you laugh and enjoy yourself. I love that I can move around the country again and go and see the places I love the most. And as I write this at the start of May, I’ve already got a few more adventures to write about and am looking forward to sharing them here.

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