New Adventures, A New Camera, and So Many Birds!

16 June 2021Rebecca Bradley

It’s so nice to feel inspired again. The feeling of picking the camera up every day and taking photos you enjoy. Photos from the garden window, from adventures, or for the sake of it. It’s been a long time since I felt like that.

May has been an inspirational month. I’ve been able to get back out and visit the places I love so much. Every weekend my fiancé and I have been waking up excited looking for a place to visit. Whether that’s a forest walk, a place we haven’t been to before, or old favourites. As silly as it sounds, seeing mountains again has made things a bit better for me. I so know what Bilbo was talking about now when he said he wanted to see mountains again.

Being able to go on adventures again is a relief. Even if it’s only going to be for the time being, we’re taking advantage of that. It also means my photography journey is going leaps and bounds forwards! Every picture I take and edit, I’m happy with. It’s taken so long to get to this stage but I’m here and I love it.

I also decided that it was time to upgrade my camera. My Canon 1300D has treated me very well the last four years. I learned my photography style, how to find light, and it gave me a whole catalogue of amazing photos. But I felt that I needed a more high-range camera with more features. I wanted a camera with an intelligent optical viewfinder. I wanted to see the real-time view of my subject. I wanted to change settings with ease and have lower-light capabilities. I also wanted a camera with the capability of shooting in low-light settings. And an Intelligent Tracking and Recognition (iTR) autofocus has made following flying birds so much better. So I settled on the Canon 90D and I adore it. I’m nowhere near ready for Mirrorless and still don’t enjoy the Mirrorless experience. A DSLR system still wins for me.

Most of my photos are now taken on the Canon 90D with my 70-300mm Canon lens. It still remains the best lens for me to take wildlife photos. I then either use my 24mm or 50mm for travel and nature photography.

Now onto the best bits of my May!

The Hermitage – 1st May 2021

We needed a walk through a beautiful forest. That was the first thought when we woke up that morning. Where can we go for a walk full of beautiful trees? We decided on The Hermitage. It’s a place we’ve been to before. We made our walk a bit longer by joining the walk to Pine Cone Point. A beautiful day.


Jacobite Express – 2nd May 2021

You can imagine the pain of accidentally deleting your video of going over the Glenfinnan Viaduct on the Jacobite Express steam train. But it happened. At the end of April, my fiancé and I were in Glenfinnan for a day trip. We began talking about the Jacobite and wondering when it would be running again. We took five minutes to check the website, noticed it was starting the following week, and booked two seats. I felt a bit worried about Covid and being on a train with a lot of people on it again, but it was fine, and felt very safe.

I’m so happy with my photos on the Jacobite. I even got my video back. Two videos this time!

9th May 2021 – Glenbranter, Argyll

Glenbranter is another beautiful walk from the Forestry Commission. I set out to find Red Squirrels to take photos of, and I didn’t find any! But this incredible walk included a forest walk, a gorge, a waterfall, and so much beauty. It’s definitely one of the best walks I’ve been on.

22nd May 2021 – Visiting Hagrid’s Hut

I’ve been to Glencoe many times. It’s my favourite place to visit in Scotland. I never get tired of seeing the towering mountains, the low cloud, and the best day is when it rains. But I’d never actually gone to the viewpoint where they filmed Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter series! So this was the day to do that.

Photos From The Garden

Every day now I’m at the window looking out into my garden taking as many photos as I can of birds, squirrels, and even a fox that likes to come to visit. Doing this every day has now made me feel more confident in taking photos of wildlife. Even though my two cats like to badger me and attempt to escape through the window, it’s incredible to sit there and see so many beautiful little birds. I’ve even started taking down notes of all the birds I see.

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