Wintertide in Aviemore

7 January 2022Rebecca Bradley

Waking up to the softest covering of snow on the rooftops was a wonderful way to welcome winter. Then there was a thought – what if we went up north where it wasn’t only a soft covering of snow, but a crispy white thick blanket in the Cairngorms?

On the drive up, we watched as the snow melted away and the sun shone through the cold winter air. But then the closer we were to the Cairngorms, mountains appeared to wear snow coats on their tops, then all we could see was white ground around us. A snow-covered forest. The perfect winter scene.

Tiny snow flurries fell from branches as small birds hopped up and down. Foot tracks of little red squirrels were left behind on the ground. Then there was the pen of reindeer, brought in for food and rest before being let back out into the mountains. Four beautiful reindeer, with their antlers tall and coats clean, were wonderful to visit. I’d never seen reindeer in person before so you can imagine the joy and wonder at seeing these beautiful creatures.

Just as dusk was starting to rear its head, a final walk down to the beachside of Loch Morlich finished our day. A loch that was covered with people in the summer months was now covered in deep snow, the loch was so still and tranquil, and we were alone. The only ones there to enjoy the Cairngorms wearing its winter beauty.

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