About Frostsprout

A world without dragons is a world not worth living in.” – R.A. Salvatore

I’m Rebecca, a photographer and writer who loves nature, exploring Scotland and dragons.

I dream about living in a fantasy world and flying about on a dragon every single day. I definitely could live in Azeroth or Skyrim for the rest of my life.

Photography and writing help bring my creative side to life. I’ve dreamed for years of creating my own worlds through photography and I’m learning more every day. Nature is my inspiration and I live for bringing my love of fantasy to life. My style of photography changes from dark and gloomy for a fantasy atmosphere to calm and matte for a mystical feel. I welcome you to have a little look into my creations. I also love writing about my wonderful adventures around my beautiful home country of Scotland. Surrounded by mountains, lochs and wildlife, I know I’ve found my happiness.

I’m an ever-growing, always-learning person. I’ve always got a personal project on the go and love seeing where my creativity takes me, even if no one else sees them. This blog is a personal project. It helps a lot with the anxiety and low self-esteem that likes to creep its way into my life.

Why Frostsprout? It’s a little weird, I know. The true story behind the name Frostsprout is it’s my gamer tag. When the time was coming to select a tag, after some panic and a complete lack of ideas, I thought I’m small and I like winter. And combining the two words Frostsprout was unleashed into the world! It’s been my name ever since. I also realised this name didn’t exist anywhere else so I’m proud that it gets to be mine!