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  • A Walk Into The Hermitage

    16 October 2021 rebecca

    I can’t really explain how The Hermitage makes me feel, but since visiting the place two years ago I can’t seem to stay away. Last year, another lockdown was announced before I was to go on my annual two-week break in October. All plans were cancelled and instead I stayed at home, watching Harry Potter and playing World of Warcraft. I never did get to see The Hermitage in a…

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  • An Escape to Somewhere Familiar

    7 October 2021 rebecca

    When I start to feel overwhelmed with work and life, I look for ways to cope and feel better. I’ve found that escaping to somewhere familiar makes me feel better. With a week off work, my fiancé and I changed our usual workweek into a week of adventure! Some days were more exciting than the others and it was hard trying to fight off the anxiety, but by escaping somewhere…

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