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  • Wintertide in Aviemore

    7 January 2022 rebecca

    Waking up to the softest covering of snow on the rooftops was a wonderful way to welcome winter. Then there was a thought – what if we went up north where it wasn’t only a soft covering of snow, but a crispy white thick blanket in the Cairngorms? On the drive up, we watched as the snow melted away and the sun shone through the cold winter air. But then…

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  • New Adventures, A New Camera, and So Many Birds!

    16 June 2021 rebecca

    It’s so nice to feel inspired again. The feeling of picking the camera up every day and taking photos you enjoy. Photos from the garden window, from adventures, or for the sake of it. It’s been a long time since I felt like that. May has been an inspirational month. I’ve been able to get back out and visit the places I love so much. Every weekend my fiancé and…

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