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  • The Silence of Glen Affric

    2 December 2021 rebecca

    Glen Affric has been on the top of the adventure list for a while now, but I’ve always put it off because it is too long a journey to do in only a day from where I live. But it had been a long time since I stayed in a hotel. Nearly two years! Hotels have become a strange place because of the pandemic. There were so many questions and…

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  • A Walk Into The Hermitage

    16 October 2021 rebecca

    I can’t really explain how The Hermitage makes me feel, but since visiting the place two years ago I can’t seem to stay away. Last year, another lockdown was announced before I was to go on my annual two-week break in October. All plans were cancelled and instead I stayed at home, watching Harry Potter and playing World of Warcraft. I never did get to see The Hermitage in a…

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  • An Escape to Somewhere Familiar

    7 October 2021 rebecca

    When I start to feel overwhelmed with work and life, I look for ways to cope and feel better. I’ve found that escaping to somewhere familiar makes me feel better. With a week off work, my fiancé and I changed our usual workweek into a week of adventure! Some days were more exciting than the others and it was hard trying to fight off the anxiety, but by escaping somewhere…

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  • A Detailed Guide of 6 Harry Potter Filming Locations to Explore in Scotland

    1 September 2021 rebecca

    I’m a lucky person for living in such a beautiful country. Scotland is home to many beautiful places and scenery. And it’s also home to Hogwarts. In the Harry Potter film series, various scenes were shot in Scotland. From the moment Harry falls out of the Ford Anglia and dangles over the Hogwarts Express (the scenery is the Glenfinnan Viaduct), to Hagrid’s Hut (in Glencoe), and even when the Ukrainian…

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  • What You Need To Know Before You Go To Steall Waterfall

    24 August 2021 rebecca

    Before visiting Steall Waterfall, keep up to date on the path/if repair works are in place on the John Muir Trust website. Ever since I visited Steall Waterfall on one of my Scottish Highlands road trips, I’ve felt the need to write this blog. No matter how many blog posts I read or videos I watched about getting there prepared me for what I was in for. So I need…

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